Fundraising Programs

Handouts and posters will also be provided for placement in offices, schools, buildings and retail outlets. Handouts and posters are supplied too for distribution to those who can help you collect. We offer free consultation throughout, helping you to maximize program returns. Let’s keep these cartridges out of the landfills, and help your organization earn the most money possible

1. The collection process begins once you are registered. Follow these important steps:
Locate a convenient, safe area for collection where students, parents, faculty, colleagues and participating businesses can drop off their empty cartridges.

Send a brochure home with all students, colleagues, and friends explaining the ‘Funding Program.’ Many are surprised by how many cartridges they can obtain from their homes, friends, relatives and neighbors alone.

Encourage local business leaders to support your program by donating their empty cartridges to you.

2. Once your collection box is full, call us to receive a postage-paid shipping tag. When Recyceplace receives your box, we will process them to be sure your school or group gets credit for all cartridges returned that are part of this program and are in useable condition!

3. Approximately 60 days after receiving your returns, your EARN for RETURNS statement and check will be distributed for all acceptable cartridges and phones received. We will continually track your fundraising income so you can share your success stories with all of your program participants.

Company and Individual Programs

Bulk Collection Program: Click on Cartridge Return Form to see what is being paid for ink-jet, laser and toner cartridge empties, and what is accepted. When you have 8-10 lasers or 30 inkjet cartridges, box up and mail using one of the pre-paid UPS shipping tags we will send to you.

Note: We will recycle all returned cartridges, but will only pay for cartridges on our lists that arrive in good condition. A $5 shipping fee will be charged back to your account if less than 8-10 laser or 30 or more inkjets cartridges of acceptable condition are received in a postage-paid bulk shipment. Cartridge payout prices fluctuate frequently with market demand, and are subject to change without notice. Accordingly, we make every effort possible to keep our Cartridge Lists current.