Saving and Packing your Cartridges:

Re-use your old boxes to send back your cartridges. Recycling helps to save our environment.When you change an ink-jet, laser or toner cartridge, put the empty one in the box the new cartridge was packaged in, or wrap in newspaper or bubblewrap. Be careful not to crack the cartridges (this makes then useless for refilling and therefore we cannot pay for them). Pack in box, postage-paid envelope, or deposit in collection box depending on your program.

Bulk Collection Program:

Click on our Cartridge Return Form to see what is being paid for empties, and to see which ink jet, laser and toner cartridges are accepted. When you have 8-10 lasers or 30 inkjet cartridges, box up and mail using one of the pre-paid UPS shipping tags we will send to you.
Note: a $5 shipping fee will be charged back to your account if less than 30 inkjet or 10 laser cartridges are received, so be sure to send accepted cartridges only in good condition.

Keeping Score:

Once Recyceplace has received your empties, we will process the return to be sure you receive credit for all cartridges sent that are part of this program. Recycleplace will only pay for cartridges that arrive in acceptable condition, so pack them carefully. For bulk returns check the Cartridge Return Form to see which cartridges we pay for. We accept a large variety of ink jet cartridges in the envelope program so send in all ink jets that are in good condition, and we will pay for all those accepted.

A check will be sent 60 days after receipt of returns for all acceptable cartridges sent to our recycling center that are in good condition. We will continually track your EARN FOR RETURNS income via monthly statements.